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Astronomy and Astrophysics

This page offers a broad (and necessarily idiosyncratic) range of selected topics from the fields of astrophysics and deep sky observational astronomy, with emphasis on the southern hemisphere. I have tried to provide complementary material to the usual fare available to fellow hobbyists, although, Iím sure, almost everything here is available elsewhere. Although Iíve taken as much care as I can, of course Iím only an amateur, and may well make mistakes. This page is still being rebuilt, but I am aiming to recreate the original three main sections: some general reference information, a survey of the main sequence stellar classes plus a few more exceptional types of star, and notes about some selected Southern Hemisphere observational targets.

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Stellar classification

The Morgan-Keenan Spectral Classes

Rare or Unusual Stars

Some Southern Objects

 Peripatus Home Page pix1Black.gif (807 bytes) Astronomy and Astrophysics

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