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Bad Trips (ed. Keath Fraser, 1991)

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ISBN 0-6797-2908-9

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A collection of short essays - many are excerpts from longer published works - by a selection of excellent 'known' travel authors. Or, at least, writers about travel, for some of the accounts are fictional. The themes are difficulty and discomfort, sometimes outright life-threatening, without which travel writing would hold little appeal to most of us.

Obviously a sampler like this cannot possibly hold your attention in the same way as a sustained work by one hand, but it is diverting enough (especially for killing time in a succession of planes and airport transit lounges, on a trip of one's own) and a splendid means to discover new authors and writing styles which appeal.

Recommendation: Recommended.

Look and Feel: My copy is a resiliently bound paperback; there are no photographs or other illustrations.

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